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Yesterday’s Training Sesh – Run and Swim

by Christa on July 10, 2011

in TNT

Yesterday we ran and swam at Memorial Park.  The heat is brutal, and we got started around 6:15am.  I think it’s the humidity – it feels like there’s no air.  HOW’M I S’POSED TO BREATHE WITH NO AIIIIRRRR?  Really.

First up was the team pic.  Normal.


Then the “fast” (10:00/mile or faster) people embarked on our 10k run – um or the smart people who realized if they swam first they’d have to be running later – aaaand it would be even hotter.

What sucks is running a loop, especially in Memorial since it’s not quite 3 miles – 2.98, I believe.  So you run the loop, pass your starting point, then turn around and run the other way til you get back to the start.

It felt so nice to jump in the pool for swim clinic.

You talkin to me?  Yikes.

My joints (right knee and ankle) are groaning a little today.  My legs did cramp up when we got in the water and just sat there for a couple of minutes.  I’m working really hard on my swim stroke but honestly it’s a LOT to think about.  I find myself thinking thinking thinking – then oh shit, breathe.

A fundraising event this week!  St. Arnold’s Beer Night, yummmm – and it’s SOLD OUT!  Told yall to buy tickets early!  My friend Kristen, another TNT member – check out her page here – is coming in town from Dallas.  And I have several other friends joining too – thanks guys!  It’s going to be a lot of fun and I expect to raise about $160 from the event.

Think what I’m doing is cool?  Then donate to LLS!  Check out my new widget on the sidebar.  AND winter season is recruiting – so find a TNT chapter near you if you’re interested –

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