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Today’s Sesh – Nation’s Tri 6/25.

by Christa on June 25, 2011

in TNT

A new feature on my blog. Since all I’m doing is working out and fundraising lately, as you know. Thanks to the stellar bloggers/BiSCuits for your awesome donations – Terra, Leah, Toe (don’t know if you use your real name) and Caryn – you rock my world, foz real.

So since coach takes some picz every practice I figure I might as well entertain some readers with hot (read: really hot. like really sweaty.) pics of myself.  I woke up at 5am and then spent the most time on a bike that I have since um ever.  Really.  CHRISTA DOES NOT RIDE BIKES.  I prefer my feet on solid ground, thankyouverymuch.  Nevertheless, I made it to Bear Creek Park this morning.

Here’s our tradish BOOYAH pic.  NICE.

Me on a bike, wtf.

I’ll have you know that I only fell once.  Not so great at turning and then I promptly careened into a ditch, not unlike the small one that you see behind me in the picture.  It was very graceful, I’ll have you know.  I even landed on my feet.  CHRISTA DOES NOT GET GRASS STAINS ON HER NICE TRI OUTFIT.  :o /  Hmm….

Oh, and here’s us enjoying a presentation by sponsor Muscle Milk.  I guzzled one of their latte flavored shakes.

After that, we went for a team breakfast at Taco C.  My face is absolutely ridiculous.  YOU GIVE ME TACOS NOW, NOM NOM NOM!

Feel like donatin’?  Saweeeeet.  See that nifty badge that says Team in Training on the left sidebar?  Yeah, click there.

OR go here.

I’ll buy you drinksies.

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