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Pet of the Day – Houston!

by Christa on May 24, 2011

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I’ve been feeling very strongly that I need to do something to actively help animals here in Houston.  Let me put something into clear terms.  1164 dogs were brought into BARC in April.  727 of them were euthanized.  That’s 63% - DISGUSTING.  Only 30 dogs were deemed ‘healthy.’ Let’s be honest…that’s bullshit.  That number is much higher.  Houston, healthy doggies and kitties are being killed on YOUR WATCH.

The kill rate for kitties is 36% – better than dogs but still awful – there are far fewer cats brought in…629. 224 of them were euthanized.

Check out this article from just last month – BARC is running out of room in its shelters.  And who wouldn’t want an adorable furry baby around their house?! 

BARC also offers a Seniors for Seniors program – dogs 3 and older are FREE for humans 55 and over.  Yes, I just said humans.

I’m planning on writing a much longer post and I’m sure you guys have seen my tweets lately.  I also feel very strongly that Shane and I should begin fostering dogs (one at a time) so that they don’t have to be in the shelter (and can avoid their demise). 

But the easiest thing for me to do is to try to find homes for these little babies.  Check out today’s Pet of the Day, Houstonites! 

This is an adult female Chow Chow mix.  She looks scruffy and scared, but alert.  I bet she’d be a good dog to have around. 

 Her ID number is 


Why not head down to BARC and check her out?
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX  77026

This shelter’s kill rate is 63%.  There is a 63% chance this girl will be euthanized.  I don’t like those odds.

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