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Pet of the Day – Charlotte

by Christa on May 26, 2011

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I can’t right click on pictures to save them down from Charlotte Animal Control’s Pet Harbor website.  BUT, if you click this link, you’ll see Maxine (or is it Maxie??), today’s pet of the day.

Or – if you can’t be bothered to click the link – Maxine/Maxie is 2 years, 7 months and weighs 8 lbs. She’s an adorable brown tabby domestic shorthair.

Here’s a short blurb the shelter wrote about Maxi(n)e.

“Maxie is a beautiful long-legged, green-eyed girl with a sweet disposition and playful personality. Sadly, Maxie lost her litter of kittens when she came to the shelter. But when 3 orphan newborns arrived, Maxie came to the rescue! She lovingly nursed them as her own, saving their lives. Patient & protective, Maxie raised these little whippersnappers who have since found forever homes. Now it’s time for Maxine to find a loving family! Maxine’s favorite things are playing with empty toilet paper rolls and curling up in your lap. Gentle, loyal and affectionate, Maxine would be a wonderful pet for a family without any other animals. For more information, contact foster mom Dee @ (704) 955-1111,”

Hold the phone – she “lost her litter of kittens”?  As in they were taken directly to be euthanized?  Or as in they were left to die wherever Maxine was found?  Or the kittens just wandered off of their own accord?  Peace mom, we don’t need your stinkin kitteh milk no more.  Right.

This shelter’s kill rate is 78.5% for cats.  20% chance Maxine will make it out  if returned to animal control.  

Let’s do another Charlotte pet today. 

This is King, and he’s got a serious case of the cutesies.  He’s a 3-year-old male cocker spaniel weighing in at 20lbs – PERFECT doggie size.

He’s been at the shelter since May 12th – um, what if they only keep them around for two weeks?  King’s got two days left, yo.

CharMeck’s kill rate for dogs is 50.8%.  Better hope the odds are working with King here.

Can you sleep with that, Charlotte?  Why not head down to CharMeck and give King a second chance?
8315 Byrum Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

After all, CharMeck AC is where we found our adorable doggie Charlie, and he turned out alright:

Well, sort of.  He MIGHT have made a snuggie out of our blanket by chewing a hole.  BUT LOOK HOW CUTE.

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