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Purple Shirt Success!

by Christa on March 15, 2011

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I’ll start with the most important sentence: The Purple Shirt Pub Crawl, after donations to join and donations made from strangers, raised just shy of $1,000.00. That’s 1/3 of my fundraising goal. I’m flabbergasted.

I’m ecstatic to announce that the crawl this past Saturday was a complete success!  I knew we’d have even a bigger turnout that I’d imagined, which was why I ordered extra shirts – but we even ran out of those.  Seriously yall.  Incredible.

Another big shoutout to Houston Screen Print for the discounted shirts – I appreciate the support, truly.

Here’s a shot of the group heading out!

I spent a couple of hours that morning putting together the gift bags – putting the right T-shirts in everyone’s bag, with lists of bar specials, the scavenger hunt, awards I’d be giving out, and upcoming events (other ways to support TNT – that blog post is forthcoming).  Those lucky dogs even got a NutriGrain bar and a bottle of water for hydration – it’s for a marathon, after all.

It was a lot easier to organize than I thought, considering how many pub crawls occur on Washington Ave every year – I can only imagine.  The bar owners and managers were so nice and accommodating!  List o’ bars:

Lori was scribbling how much money she was raising from donations FROM COMPLETE STRANGERS.  Do you see that total in the bottom right corner?!  That’s right: $205.46.  Are you kidding me?  Obviously she won the Biggest Donation Award, along with Most Spirited.  She and our MVB (Most Valuable Boozer), Cousin Matt, were both looking fierce:

Let’s see if we can find some pics of the teams, shall we?  Here we have the Bone Marrow Bandits (the boys wanted to leave their classy polos on) – oh and Jacob, our bartender at Max’s, is on the right:

The Purple Bridezillas (although for some reason I heard BREADzilla and was calling them that all night….I don’t know why my brain went to bread) aka A-mazing.  With Jacob.

The Curing Crawlers (you fancy, huh):

The Mathletes!:

I’ll Make Your Sham Rock:

I couldn’t find one of all of you? Send in!

And the WINNERS (no really, that’s their name -  Shane and Best Friend J, in town from Chicago):

Enough of the team pics.  We had a GREAT night of $2 “Texas Wine” (aka Lone Star), beer pong at the Pearl Bar patio, Lot shots and Sheen Dream shots, marriage proposals at The Dubliner, martinis at Wash Ave Drinkery, and the hottest hottest hottest hot wings I’ve ever eaten at BWW, sneakily pawned off on us from a table of 15-year-olds.  Nice one, guys.

A great pic of some great girls – Leah, Mollie, Aimee, Me, and Kristen – aw!

Of course one with Lori – my biggest fan (um, except for Shane..and my parents…) – and biggest fundraiser.  PROM PIC:

I am extraordinarily lucky to have these awesome people in my life who are so supportive of such an amazing cause.  YALL ARE THE BEST.

And don’t forget where to go if you’d like to make a contribution!  The Team in Training badge on that left sidebar will take you directly to my site.  :)

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