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by Christa on March 9, 2011

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And business.

This past week and a half has been so crazy.  First, we moved into the house.  Hooray!  Boxes EVERYWHERE. It’s just now starting to be cleared out.  A little.

This past weekend, Lori and I went to Shreveport with my mom and Aunt Becky.  This is not a leisurely ladies’ trip.  They mean business. Busy-ness.  Intense gambling and drinking.  Lori and I were obviously IN.  Unfortunately, I used up all of my luck on the 4-hour drive there.  Got pulled over.  Oh, OOPS.

Officer:  Hi ladies, any reason for your speed?  I clocked you doing 73 in a 60.
Me:  Er, hmm…no sir, I just thought I was going with the flow of traffic.  (I’m on an empty state road in Lufkin, Texas).
Officer:  Where are you headed?
Me:  Shreveport, we’re meeting my mom and aunt.  (Translation: I’m a gambler and a drunk, and so is the rest of my family).
Officer:  Can I have your license and insurance please?
Me: *hands over TX insurance to go with NC license* (….nice.)

Lori was near tears…I was calm, I was just thinking that I would need to win enough money to cover this darned speeding ticket.  I reapplied my lipstick.  The officer started walking back towards my car, and I saw in my mirror that he was doing so SANS TICKET-WRITING NOTEBOOK.  I whispered excitedly to Lori, “I think he’s gonna let me off!”

Officer:  Alright, well you need to slow down.  I’m gonna let you go with a warning.
Lori: Oh thank you so much, officer!  That woulda really put a damper on our girls’ weekend!

She reached over to shake his hand, made totally akward by the fact that I TRUST NO ONE and had barely inched the window open.  I follow suit. 

Then, I open my mouth.

Me:  Oh, I totally forgot it’s Round Up Weekend!
Officer:  What do you mean?
Me:  Yknow…where the police forces in Texas are rounding up everyone with outstanding warrants for Class C misdemeanors…

At this point, he’s giving me a really weird look.

Officer:  Where did you hear that? 
Me:  I read it.  In the news.   (Translation: I like to keep abreast of when you’ll be apprehending criminals)

It looked like he was starting to regret his decision, so I wished him good day and off we went.  At the speed limit, this time.

THEN when we arrived at the hotel (Boomtown), my car was starting to overheat.  HUH?  Never done that before.  Thank God Lori had AAA (not AA, that cult).  They determined my thermostat was sticking – whatever that means – and put more anti-freeze in it. 

Cue 8 straight hours of gambling and rum-and-diets.  My liver was absolutely pickled.  I lost $50 but Lori brought back $100.  Hey, at least I lost less than what that ticket would cost, right?  Hah.

The nice thing about hanging out with Lori (one of them…there are many!) is that I NEVER have to remember to bring my camera.  Hers is permanently attached to her hand and she even got some stealth ones of us playing slots!  I’ll post once she gets em on her Picasa page.

The weekend was a blast but took a LOT out of me.  I am STILL recovering.  I’ll just have to rally for pub crawl this weekend!

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terra March 15, 2011 at 7:55 pm

See, I would totally have rationalized losing as much money as the speeding ticket would have been because, in my silly head, it’s like I got the money back from the almost-speeding ticket. It doesn’t make sense really, but I guess that’s okay. :)


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