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The Jeopardy! theme song dancing in my head.

by Christa on January 19, 2011

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I’ve been sitting on pins and needles a lil bit, as I feel in limbo right now.   It’s just a waiting game at this point and for some reason I thought waiting would be a lot more fun!

You know…maybe if I could wait at home in my pjs, munch on some popcorn and stare at my iPhone.  While watching JERSEY SHORE.

Did any of yall ever WILL your phone to call?  And then it would – the exact person you were hoping to call did!!  The last time that happened was when I was a junior in high school just HOPING my homecoming date would call to ask me out – and he did!  Of course he turned out to be a total douchelord, as it were.  BUT STILL, IT WORKED.  I must have ESPN* or somethin.

I need to put that to good use.

*Dad, this is a joke and a reference to the movie Mean Girls.  I know it’s ESP.

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