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New phooooone!

by Christa on January 5, 2011

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Ok, so not trying to be materialistic and all MY LIFE IS MY STUFF, but I’m pretty stoked.

You know when your husband is trying to be nice and ‘fix’ something?  Let’s just say…replace the battery in your iPhone by following instructions he found on the internet….

And then your phone magically no longer works?  Yeah.

BUT it’s for the best.  That thing was 2.5 years old and in desperate need of replacement, like most of my electronics at the moment.

So now I have a brand new iPhone 3GS (didn’t want to spring for the 4 – it’s pricier, has more problems, and is boxy and ugly).  AND IT’S SO PRETTY.  And it even has a fancy new pink and purple case – yknow, like all the gals have these days – probably because it’s RIGHT THERE in the store so….heck, why not.  Even though they are way cheaper on Amazon, as Shane pointed out.  DAMN.

So there ya have it.  Now it’s time to sync up all my music – when I got to work and discovered that there was NO TAYLOR SWIFT TO LISTEN TO,  I nearly cried.  It’s gonna be quiet today.

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