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“Hot town, cool city.”

by Christa on January 6, 2011

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And H-town, cool city.  Did yall know that Houston just overtook Chicago for the title of 3rd largest city in America?  It’s true – right behind New York then LA.  Shane and I like to think we put it over the edge.  YES.

When we moved to Charlotte, I was expecting to love it immediately.  I had never lived outside of Texas (Germany for a semester doesn’t count) and was pretty stoked, since I knew it was a beautiful part of the country and a growing, diverse area.   Moving to Houston was a different story.  I don’t know why, but Dallas and Houston have this sort of city rivalry going on, even though they are SO DIFFERENT.  And Austin’s just all, “Let’s get high and listen to Bob Dylan!  Where am I again?”

So as a born and raised Dallasite, I was brought up thinking Houston, ew.  But to be honest, I hadn’t spent a whole lot of time here ever.  Meaning, none.  I drove through when visiting Shane in Beaumont and came once with Jess to go to the Galleria ( this city has the best shopping in America, it’s true). 

Some things I’m unexpectedly loving about this city by the sea gulf:

Traffic:  It gives me time to send some texts and do my makeup.  Ok, yes, this is a joke.  BUT it does allow me to use my new catchphrase of “MOVE, JACKASS!” a whole lot.

Weather:  This is bound to change come summer because I can’t take the heat – I am gonna be melting Wicked Witch o’ the West style.  Right now I like the mild winter and the fact that it’s usually cloudy or foggy in the mornings on my drive to work.  I am NOT a morning person.  So of course today when I’m feeling especially down and out for some reason, the sun is shining brightly like “Oh hey guys, isn’t it just lovely to have sun?” and I’m all “MOVE, JACKASS!”

Food:  Actually this is not that unexpected.  Texas as a whole is like my culinary mecca.  Obviously I didn’t realize it until I moved away, but oh em gee, the cuisine here is TO DIE!  At the New Year’s Day wedding we attended, a friend mentioned there’s even a Chinatown here.  So now we have a weekend scavenger hunt.

All in all, I never expected to be as happy as I am here.  Especially not so soon.  And yes, the apartment sucks hardcore.  But just a little bit longer til we’re straight killin (that’s my word for chillin) in our new house in The Heights!

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Jess September 18, 2013 at 8:57 pm

So I’m creeping on your blog and come across this post…did you know there’s a website called Hot Town/Cool City? It’s a directory of cool and unusual things to do around town. Seeing as how you’ve been here for a while, you may already know about some of these things, but the site is definitely worth checking out.


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