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Bebbehs!! And HeyTell!

by Christa on January 10, 2011

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Let’s talk about babies for a second.   I know SO MANY pregnant chicks right now.  Seriously, who’s next?  It ain’t me, so it’s gotta be one o’ ya!  Fess up.

One of my close friends, Merritt, will find out what she’s having in the coming days and I’m so pumped to meet her little guy or gal.  She is the first of my longtime girlfriends to be preg; how fun would it be to fast-forward five years into our friendship and see how drastically it’s changed and grown since the high school days?  It already has – I mean we’re both married and it seems like yesterday we were cruising around in her Mustang, 16 years old!  I feared for my life a lot.  Just kidding, Merr!…sort of.  ;o)  Um, by the way.  That was almost ten, TEN, TEN!!!!!!!!!! years ago.

If yall want to see one of the most adorable home videos ever, click on over to Kristin’s blog to see her baby’s gender revealing.  It’s actually a really cute idea: they went for the sonogram and the technician wrote down the sex of the baby on a card, which was then transferred to Kristin’s friend Mandie (who happens to be an AMAZING cake artist!).  She crafted a scrumptious-looking diaper bag cake with either pink or blue frosting inside.  Kristin and her husband Matt hosted a little party with loved ones and cut into the cake so they could all find out together.  I love it.

SO CUTE.  There are several videos on the interwebs of the sort and they’re all adorable.  Not that I spend my time watching strangers find out what they’re having…don’t be ridic.

Although, I was explaining the idea to my cousin yesterday at brunch and it seems a little lost on 23-year-old gay law students.  “Um….is there booze served?  Because if not, can you just HeyTell me what you’re having?”  No.  No I can’t.  And do you even know me at all?  OF COURSE  I will serve booze at my hypothetical baby’s theoretical gender revealing party.  I just won’t DRINK it.  Doy.

He introduced me to HeyTell and I have to say…it’s a blast.  It’s basically a voicemail with all the conveniences of a text message.  So I can just click on one of my contacts, say my mom, and be all, “Hey, call me when you’re on your way home from work.”  And she’ll receive a notification and can listen to the short message and respond accordingly. 

How’s that for a Monday morning wake-up blog?  Hmph.

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January 24, 2011 at 8:21 pm

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Mary January 10, 2011 at 11:13 am

You think it seems like all YOUR friends are pregnant – at least you’re married! I’m falling further and further behind on the “family” timeline :p.

I love that cake idea – super cute. But we all know I am WAY too impatient and controlling to be able to handle that. Add pregnancy hormones and I would not recommend it.

Thanks for your comment on the blog, I’ll try to stick with it this time ;)


Christa January 10, 2011 at 11:37 am

I know!! I don’t think I could stand the suspense.

And c’mon you’ve locked down the LTR – you can’t be that far behind! muhahahha scary.
I’m told all this stuff comes in waves…

Looking forward to reading!


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