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100 things?? Try 5. #BiSC

by Christa on January 20, 2011

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Have you heard of BiSC?? Because it’s apparently awesome.  And I’m gonna go.  Although I’m worried I’ll get sucked in and want to go every year and my husband’ll be all, “BUT I WANT YOU TO GO TO VEGAS WITH ME.” No.

I’m a little stressed out (not really but this is fun to talk about) though.  They want me to introduce myself with five things people should know.  Now, I didn’t do the 100 Things About Me thing that was floating around the internets last year, and there’s a reason for that:  I don’t have THAT much to say about myself.  Not that it’s a bad thing if you do, but c’mon, I’m having trouble coming up with FIVE.  Maybe that’s because I want them to be the 5 most random and yet most perfect facts about me.  What if there really are only four interesting things about me?  WAH!

Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

1)  You might remember or know me better as Sharky – well I’m all grown up and go by Christa now.  Some of my IRL friends can’t wrap their heads around this and still call me Sharky.  I’ll answer to either.

2)  I’m a born and bred Texas girl – living in Houston now – and can thusly drink my weight in salsa (yes, I said drink).  Go on, dare me.

3)  I’m a dancer and have definitely given full-on (late night) performances in various styles at bars.  My last show featured an a capella tap routine.

4)  I met my husband one fateful evening in Austin – I spent the night impressing him by taking pulls of vodka at his fraternity’s stripper night.  FATE.

5)  I went as Justin Bieber for Halloween last year, and it was by far my best idea to date.

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suki January 22, 2011 at 1:37 am

It took me forever to come up with the five things! I sorta cheated and one of the things is a quote I like. :p

See you in Vegas!


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