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by Christa on December 14, 2010

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This past weekend was spent as an impromptu trip to NYC!

Shane is not much on spontaneous trips, so I’m lucky to have girlfriends who are.  He likes vacations to be just so and perfectly planned out and to play out perfectly as planned.  I am a little more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and whimsical by nature.  Hence, trip.  Now.

The in-laws live in Manhattan so it’s awesome to be able to see them and a great city all at once.  I joked with them that if they lived in say, Arkansas or one of those other barely-states, they probably wouldn’t see us as much.  Juuuust kidding.

Who can you call on for a last-minute trip?  Amy D, that’s who.  She flew in from Charlotte and I from Houston on Friday morning to JFK.  Now, for a second let’s talk about how much I love JetBlue.  They really do have the most legroom in coach, just like they advertise!  I could stretch my legs all the way out.  AND free DirectTV…hello?!  The 3-hour flight went superfast while watching Eagle Eye and 16 and Pregnant.

Let’s also discuss something else travel related that I love: JFK airport.  First of all, it’s gorgeous.  And while the Starbucks are difficult to find, it offers more direct transportation to Manhattan than LaGuardia (and while Newark is pretty easy to navigate as well, it’s Newark for Pete’s sake).  One can take the Long Island Rail Road straight to Penn Station and it takes about half an hour.  Now this time we decided to try the subway and that worked out just dandy going there – but not so much on the return.  More on this in a sec.

So we made our way to the Upper East Side for chats and most likely tea with my mother-in-law.  She is so funny, she bundled us all up like marshmallows.  Amy:  “I probably could have come here with no clothes and been fine.”  Then we hit the town to paint it red.

Walk through Central Park and I do mean ALLLLLL through Central Park.
FAO Schwarz – Amy played on the Big Piano and I got some great pics of her sliding across it (and bowling over small children)
Shops on 5th Avenue
Rockefeller Center (and four dozen pictures of the tree)
Times Square
Roxy Deli – ate a Reuben the size of my face

The walking, OH the walking.  My new boots (see post below) were comfy for the most part – until I took them off!

At this point it was about 6pm and we were exhausted (I woke up at 4am for a 7:00 flight).  So we headed back for some decent sleep.

DELICIOUS bagels and lox for breakfast – did you know that the reason New York bagels are so incredible is because of the water?  Who knew?
Took the subway over to Brooklyn so we could walk across the bridge back to Manhattan – Yeah, we and about 65 Santas – turns out it was Santa Con in Central Park.  That was certainly a sight to behold.  AND the random [drunk] Santa who started chatting us up was a Texas Ex – what are the odds?
Chinatown – OH DEAR GOD.  So many freaking people.  I have never seen it like that.  We checked out some purses but instead ended up purchasing some adorable headwraps – HEADWRAP PIC:

Lunch at Sofia’s of Little Italy – mouthwatering lasagna and chicken parmigiana.
After that we trekked it back to Times Square to see if we could get a sweet deal on a show.  Nothing doing but we did buy some tickets to The Comic Strip, a comedy club on the Upper East side and just a few blocks from the in-laws.  If you’re going to have a late night, there are worse areas to do it than the UES.  Jenn, a friend from high school, met us from Queens and we laughed it up – oh man, these comedians were funny.  We saw Tom Van Horn, Marina Franklin, and Chuck Nice (from Best Week Ever).

Let’s just say after that it was a late night.  The show got out at about 1am and keep in mind bars in NY are open til 4.  Yeahhhh…  There was a UFC fight,  a game of pool in which I actually played well, and a velour coat.

Sunday – Brunch/lunch at Penelope with Jari, one of my roomies in Israel – hadn’t seen her in 2.5 years!!  Was great to see her. :o )

And on the way home…welllllll – on weekend evenings the E subway to Queens switches to local – cue 30 stops and an hour-long subway ride at least.  Which means – I thought I missed my flight.  It was scheduled to depart at 8:30 and I arrived at the terminal at 8:20.  Luckily it was delayed and thank heavens for all the people who let me cut the line at security.  LIRR FTW.

Ah, NYC – you exhausted me.  I was oh-so happy to return home to Shane and dogs even if it was at 1am.  Still recovering from a whirlwind weekend.

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