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Some recent pics!

by Christa on December 5, 2010

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A few fun pics from recently.

While home for Thanksgiving, my dad with Scooter lying on the dining room table while we all played Apples to Apples.  Apparently he didn’t know the difference between Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo Dicaprio.  The word was ‘creepy’ and I threw down da Vinci.  My dad’s reasoning behind choosing it as the winner?  “I don’t know, the roles he plays creep me out.”  Classic Bob.

Best friend J all giggly during the game – it looks like she’s wearing a matching jumpsuit but really my mom insisted she wear her pink jacket because it matched the top J wore over.

Shane and Charlie takin a snooze – like father, like son.

Charlie on Shane’s pillow and Mac on mine…

Hanukkah present from the hubs – a gorgeous stacked ring!!  I mentioned I liked it 6 months ago and he took note – he’s the best.

That’s all – since we’re living in the corporate apartment for another two weeks (holy scheisse, we need to find a home base) I have no clue where my camera cord is – and thusly can’t add any of the real Thanksgiving pics.  Boo.

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