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Restaurant Review: Cafe Chino

by Christa on December 28, 2010

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Located in the Greenway/Upper Kirby area of Houston (where we’re currently residing), Cafe Chino was a Christmas staple this year.   I got it in my head that we’d enjoy some Thai food following our screening of Black Swan (see below).  We called SO MANY restaurants.  Thai, Chinese, fusion, you name it.  This was one of the only ones open!  What the hell?!  Don’t these establishments know this is what Jews eat on Christmas?  Come on, there’s good money to be made here.

So Cafe Chino it was.  And boy it was chilly in this port city on xmas.  We were all bundled up and blew into the double doors.  We were immediately asked if we had a reservation.  No, no we don’t.  It’s Christmas;  do we really need one?  Apparently.   The hostess said, “I’m sorry but we will be unable to accommodate you.”  I should have responded with a wide-eyed “EVER?!”….   However, she did offer for us to sit at the bar and order to-go. 

Nice decor and great ambiance.  Not so much with the service.  We waited on our food for 20 minutes and were not offered a drink.  What if we wanted one?  I woulda taken a water. 

Price….oy.  It was $33 for some pad thai, general chicken, brown rice, and 2 veggie spring rolls.  They charged extra for the rice with the chicken…huh?!  Rice comes with meat dishes, ask any Chinese restaurant.  Oh but I’m sorry, this is Hunan Cuisine. 

Shane:  “This better be the best frickin Chinese food I’ve ever eaten.”

It wasn’t.   It was good in its own right.  I actually like Shane’s pad thai, which I normally don’t because it’s too peanutty.  And while this did have more peanuts than average in the mix, the sauce itself wasn’t all peanutty, which is what I can’t stand.  They also had some yummy peppers and veggies in there – it was like a mix of pad thai and pad kee mao, my personal favorite.  We LOVE Thai food and I’m sure you’ll see some more restaurant reviews featuring that cuisine in particular.

The general’s chicken was pretty standard.  Nothing spesh.  Ditto on the veggie rolls.

To sum up?  Way too much buck, not enough bang.  Would we go back?  Well…if it’s the only place open again next Christmas.

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