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New apartment in pictures, announcement in words.

by Christa on December 27, 2010

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Some photos taken during my sleeeeepy fluish state.  Oh, yes, did I mention?  I had to go to a real doc since Urgent Care didn’t take care o’ bidness.  And I had the flu…aces.  It totally wiped me out for almost a week and a half, ugh.  But now I’m 90-95% better, thank goodness.  And here are some pics of the new temporary place, JUST to give yall an idea of what we’re workin’ with.

Some boxes in the living room, scattered around the rental furniture – a few of these have been consolidated, thanks to Handy Husband.

Mac wouldn’t stop barking, so we stuck ‘im in the Charlie Crate.  Charlie was not amused.

Suitcases, closet, and the new cheap itchy comforter from Target.

Boxes, Charlie Bed, bed…ALL of the rental furniture you see totals to $160/month – what a steal!

Crazy small kitchen, new IKEA kitchenware being washed – hooray!

I don’t think Charlie really likes the temporary sleeping arrangements.

This will be our home for the next 60ish days.  And it’s only so short because…that’s right…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

That’s right.  The deal is almost completely sealed on Haus Ginsburg – Houston Edition.

We close February 28th.  All I can say is that it’s a 2-story, new construction in The Heights -  for you non-Houstonians (which is most of you), that’s an area close to downtown (work) and kind of a young professional area.  My friend Taylor says it’s where yuppies live – I would never describe us as yuppies.  Hippies?  Maybe.  Yuppies?  No.  Let’s try to disregard my Junior League membership for the moment!! ;o)

We are uber-stoked and can’t wait to have our home base all to ourselves.

New Restaurant Review and celeb gossip coming soon!  Woo to the hoo.

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