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Aren’t they boot-iful?

by Christa on December 8, 2010

in Just Nothing

Check out the sweet new slouch boots I bought off Zappo’s – my FIRST EVER Zappo’s purchase – earlier this week.   I have been hesitant about online shopping but WHO HAS TIME to go to stores?   These should be waiting at the apartment later today, huzzah!  They are Madden boots – buy them here.

I’m making an effort to be a little more fashion conscious.  My clothes need some serious updating.  And I also need more.  Need more.  My sister came to Charlotte for Halloween and almost went into shock seeing how little clothing I actually own.  For a chick, it’s pathetic.  I’m constantly wearing the same outfits and some are not even that cute.  What can I say?  I’ve always had different priorities.  But now I’m going to make an effort to look a little more put-together.  One of my inspirations is fashion-forward-friend Kristin, who always looks like she stepped out of a magazine!  I’ve requested a list of places she shops and don’t worry, I’ll be posting it here too.  Got fashion tips for me? Awesome.  Leave it in the comments!

UPDATE – I found some boots I like better.  AND I have Macy’s dollars.  I am going to go hopefully purchase them after work and return the Zappo’s ones – thank you, free shipping!!  See the Chinese Laundry boots I hope to buy here.

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