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A night of girlish fun.

by Christa on December 23, 2010

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I don’t know why, but for some reason I can’t stop thinking of this one seemingly awful but really great night from my childhood.

Actually, I think I know why.  One of the main characters from this memory, Amanda, was recently married – hooray!!

And Jess, well…Jess is Jess and she’s there in my mind, an ever-present spark – just like all lifelong friends generally are.

So, it was probably 5 of us girls gathered at Amanda’s house for her…I want to say 13th birthday….  that seems like the time we were all in Girl Scouts together and when Jess and I had really solidified our bond (rock solid, I’m talking N Sync solid).   We were up til the wee hours of the morning playing Truth or Dare, calling in to KLUV to get Amanda’s birthday shoutout on the air, talking about boys, and just in general being young girls.

I feel so old recalling it now.

Amanda’s parents had just gotten a new sofa, one with a pullout bed, and we were all anxious to be the guests of honor on it…in the end, I think it WAS Amanda, Jess, and I who ended up on it.  I know I was sitting on it during The Incident.  Others in attendance were probably Nicole, Charla, and a girl named Bliss.  Oh, nope – I just remembered a girl named Crystal too.  Basically the Girl Scout gang.  We were like The Buttercream Gang ….except with cookies.  And vaginas.

Side note – if you’ve never seen The Buttercream Gang.  Wow.  You are missing out on some serious cheese.

Back to the story.

So this sofa bed.  It’s awesomeness.  And we realized if you sit on the very back where your head belongs, against the couch cushions, it tilts up!! WHAT?!  There we are, in the middle of Amanda’s living room, with sofabed upended and one of the girls decides it’s a good idea to jump on the end.

And then.  We heard a deafening crack.


I’m sure we had all cursed before, but if we hadn’t we definitely did then.  Being 7th graders, we didn’t know the ins and outs of warranties and returns.  Amanda’s crying, we’re crying…because she’s right.  Her parents really are going to kill her.  Panic ensues.

Ever the voice of reason, Jess takes control.  She sweeps up a dry erase marker from our half hour of doodling and announces that SHE has The Green Marker and only the person holding The Green Marker can voice an opinion on how to proceed in this predicament [futile...we all know it's obviously only going to lead to Amanda's demise]. We were up SO LATE discussing this.

And WHAT does Amanda’s mom say in the morning?  “Oh, the bed’s broken?  That’s fine, it’s covered under warranty.”  And then she made us Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (the orange flavored kind).

Excuse me woman.  But I just wasted good sleep over this.  I’m going to need you to kill your daughter now.

A few years ago, Jess asked me if I remembered this.  We had a good laugh about The Bearer of the Green Marker and then I hadn’t thought of it since.

I wonder if Amanda remembers or ever thinks about it.  I’ll have to ask.


Congrats, Amanda.  Your marriage will be beautiful.

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