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by Christa on December 29, 2010

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Today is Shane’s 27th birthday.  Gratuitous birthday picture of him – at my grandmother’s house – from two years ago.  This is what pops up on my phone every time he calls – pretty easy on the eyes, I’d say.

And to think I met the kid when he was 20!  I was 19 – just in case you didn’t know, I’m about a year and a half younger.  Ok ok, a year and 4 months.  Whatevs.

So the first birthday we celebrated during our flirtation was his 21st.  Not wanting to seem too gushy or anything, I thought a flask was an appropriate gift.  I mean, we needed them at those Texas football games, right?  Oh, except now you need a plastic one because of the metal detectors.  Aces.

I went to the VERY classy store Things Remembered at Barton Creek Mall, selected a manly lookin’ flask, and had his initials (SLG) engraved on it. 

Awesome gift, I know.

Except that summer he had an internship (his first time working for the company he STILL works for today!) in Beaumont.  He had to sublet his apartment, and one of his frat bros moved in.

He had only taken necessities, but c’mon, I think the first awesome gift your girlfriend gets you is a necessity.  Granted, Shane isn’t exactly the “lemme slug some Jack outta my flask right quick” kinda guy.  Anyhow, he returned after the summer to find it missing.

Who steals a flask with someone else’s initials on it?  Welp, someone who doesn’t care what’s on the flask as long as it contains some alcohol…that’s who.  It had to be someone living in the apartment that summer.  GIVE IT BACK.  IT WAS AWESOME, and the first gift I ever gave Shane.

However….it won’t be the last.  I have some fun shtuff planned for tonight (and we don’t have to work tomorrow!) and a fun gifty planned as well.  It’s no flask, but I think he’ll still be pleased.

Yall, this guy’s the best.  I can’t believe we’ve known each other over 6 years now.  Well…I can and I can’t.  I never thought life could be so fun or funny.  We’ve made some great adventures for ourselves and that’s what we’re gonna keep on doing.   Cheesefest, I know. 

But let’s face it.  We’re still young.  YOU’RE STILL YOUNG, SHANEY!

Givin’ me crazy eyes while holding both dogs….crazy…

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