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Shtuff that I like.

by Christa on November 8, 2010

in Daily Digest,Just for Fun

A few people have been asking me to please oh please send them stuff to look at on the internet.    So here are some good (categorized) starting points for the woefully internet-inexperienced.


Dlisted – My source for all celebrity gossip, and the  guy who writes it is beyond hilarious.

YoungHouseLove – A couple in Richmond spruces up their house…then gets famous.

Dooce has become way too self-obsessed and robotic for me lately…but she’s worth checking out for the early posts.

Passive Aggressive Notes – No explanation needed.

Texts From Last Night – Ditto.

For more fun bloggy blogs, check out my blogroll.


Videos I’m currently spacing out to…

Harvard Sailing Team – HUNCAL?!

Alex Reads Twilight – Stephenie Meyer can’t write.

Wizard People – Um, guy dubs over Harry Potter.  Amazing.

Greatest Freak Out Ever and the aftermath videos….because this kid is insane.


An introduction bc what the hell is a tweet?  What the hell is Kanye talking about?



Lord Voldemort

I’m sure I’m missing stuff, like Tumblrs and the People of Walmart, etc.  But you’ll find your own way around.

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