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by Christa on November 3, 2010

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I wanted to do something fun with the world Halloween but couldn’t get inspired enough.  And there WAS the Big Bad Wolf present at the party, so I figured it’s fitting.

My sister Steph came in town for a 48-hour visit and let me simply say that we packed more into those hours than I normally accomplish in an entire week.   You might be saying to yourself, “Christa, you’re exaggerating.”  Except for that I’m not.

She got in on Friday afternoon (I took a half day, awesome) and promptly required sustenance.  I took her to one of my and Shane’s old favorites, Angry Ale’s, with a sweet Groupon.

Then we headed to Polished for a much needed mani/pedi – seriously, it had probably been a few months for both of us….upper-middle-class problem!

I don’t know why I keep inserting pictures – look at the pretty colors!!

After hurrying home and changing into some theme park gear (read: sanitary wipes in the jeans pockets), we picked up my tutee (I tutor her so yeah…tutee) Sam and her friend Frida and took the whole hang to Scarowinds.  Carowinds is similar to Six Flags and Scarowinds is their Fright Fest equivalent.  Unfortunately, I was traveling with a pack of babies and was only able to coerce Frida into the Cornstalkers haunted house with me. Twas fun.

From left: Scary Girl, Sam, Frida, Scary Guy, Steph, Scary Guy, Me

So yeah…the parking lot was packed and we managed to get the girls back to Sam’s house at 2am.  Yikes.

Saturday – since I know Friday made you oh-so-curious.

Brunch at Flying Biscuit.  We stealthily bought brunch for the man sitting next to us and reminded us of our dad.  We were totally those mysterious strangers!!  I need to check Craigslist for Missed Connections.



We went to the corn maze up in Huntersville and it was SO MUCH FUN.  It was a maze and scavenger hunt free-for-all.  We had a blast waving our family flag and finding all of the clues/map numbers.

Then we were ready to party – after stocking up on Halloweeny wine and beer, we headed over to Amy D’s to get down in style.  Bieber and Hannah Montana were ready to rock it.

Hannah was busy getting her makeout on with a rando in Amy’s backyard (well, a rando to her, at least).  Bieber was gettin down with some fun ladies – Countess Von Rolf, Ginny Weasley, and Miss Gulf of Mexico.

Hannah and the rando (dressed as Adam Lambert – match made in heaven) over at Thirsty Beaver Saloon (they don’t have a link but rock).

Amy D, the peacock who started it all!

We had met back up with the group after our extravaganza at Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa.  Steph’s first experience with Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with props!  Amazing.

Yeah, since we got home at 4:30am there wasn’t much to do on Sunday before her 1pm flight.

But it was an AMAZING sisterly weekend.  Next time though, a little less activity – we could barely squeeze it all in!! TWSS?  Hmm.

Next up – a post on house selling and house hunting.  Truth.

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