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All we ever do is say goodbye…

by Christa on November 23, 2010

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Twas time to leave Charlotte and mosey on down to Htown.  So our final week in town culminated in a fantastic going-away party hosted by Amy D (said in Jersey Shore accent, like Pauly D!) at Dandelion Market.  Dandelion is delicious, by the way – I had the tuna sliders (YUM) and Shane had a flatbread and fried risotto.  So good.

It was a wonderful night with some truly great people in attendance.  Some favorite pictures of the night:

Shane and I being a little smiley.

Great shot of the super cool cake – Amy D did the states, road, and fun items herself!!

Picture of some fun gals!  Kristin (aka pregnant chick at the bar), Amy Gibbs, moi, Amy D, and Susan.  Love all of these ladies.

Group shot!! So glad all of yall could make it!

Girls – shots, shots, shots, shotsshots, shots….me, Jess, Lauren, Susan, Amy D!

The wonderful hostess, Amy D and me – that crazy peacock was at it again!!  She is amazing and I’ll miss her dearly.  Can’t wait for what I assume will be an annual girls’ trip.

One final Ginsburg photo – laughing at ourselves, as per usual.

Couldn’t have asked for better Carolina friends – your friendship has meant the world to both of us. We can’t wait to come back and visit sometime – and I expect to see all of your faces in Houston sometime soon!!

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