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Who’s got tha fever?!

by Christa on October 12, 2010

in Daily Digest,Just for Fun

I do.  I have Bieber fever.  A few of my lucky friends and family might have received a text message from me tonight.

Christa G-burg:

Damn, that is a nice phone cover, you could say.

But I moonlight…as Justin Bieber, whaaat?!

Yeah, the key is pushing all of my hair forward from the back.  Whatever, I think I just found my Halloween costume.  All I need is my baggy jeans, a backwards hat to push my amazing bangs forward, and a t-shirt from Hollister.  Cue the music and my posse of African-American back-up dancers.  **Side note: I sound totally white when I say ‘African-American’ but I AM white and I never know who’s comfortable with what.  My friends (um, my black friends, obviously) prefer ‘black’ but since not all of yall are my friends I’ll go with the PC phrasing**  Back to Bieber.

Photo for reference…funny part is, I just took my photo imitating him as I thought he’d be.  I googled “Justin Bieber peace sign” and found this gem.

Oh dear God, the Bieberlings are going to attack my blog, aren’t they?

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