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Restaurant Review: Crepe Cellar

by Christa on August 15, 2010

in Daily Digest,Restaurant Review

So I want to start a new lil section on the new lil bloggie donated to one of my favorite pasttimes – eating.

We’ve been trying some new places lately, mostly thanks to Groupon and Living Social …some have been good, some not so much.  But I’ll try to give some honest recaps for those interested.

Living Social had a special for Crepe Cellar, a cozy eatery in NoDa (that’s North Davidson street for those not well-versed in Charlotte geography).  The place is awfully small and pretty warm inside, but since we went for a late-bird dinner around 9:00pm, we didn’t have to wait.  It’s not that we’re posh or party people, we just both had late lunches this Saturday.

We had bought the coup for $20 and that earned us 40 beans to spend at CC.  Booyah.

I started out with some Cupcake Chardonnay while Shanester ordered a Hoppytown IPA. .. I woulda ordered one just for the name.

Their fish and chips were ranked on Charlotte’s Best of the Best food, so Shane went with that.  I had a savory buckwheat crepe filled with spinach, wild mushrooms, and goat cheese.   It was pretty much a party in my mouth, not gonna lie.  And if you’re a carnivore needin the meats, you can add chicken for a buck fifty.

Ok – I WAS interested in the dinner menu, and it DID turn out to be delicious, in fact.  But let’s face the facts kiddies. I wanted strictly Nutella and banana.  In my mouf.

We split one fine specimen of crepe and it was everything I dreamed it would be!  I haven’t had a crepe since I lived in Dallas, and that was 2007 yo.  And NorthPark Mall CrepeMaker could not compare to the goodness that was in front of me.  I was so full and probably would not have stopped until the plate was licked clean – but S was looking at me with a rather disgusted face, so I held back.

Ok, this post is getting a little too eatpraylovish with all the self-indulgent-let’s-get-obese-because-food-is-love craziness so I’ll stop.

All in all, Crepe Cellar was yum.  I’m no professional food critic, so that’s all you’re gonna get.  It’s yum.  Eat it.

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carissajaded August 17, 2010 at 5:11 am

You know, I really shouldn’t have read this post the first thing in the morning because girl- I am HANGRY! And I’m not sure I’ll be ok until I’ve had a crepe.. or some Nutella, Or by george just give me a banana!

I can’t wait to do a little more exploring around these parts! Thanks for stopping by!


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