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Weekend (and KITCHEN!) Update

by Christa on March 19, 2010

in Daily Digest,Life Story

Isn’t that a SNL skit?  Weekend Update?  What is that called?  No matter. 

It’s finally Friday!  And the weather is going to be gorgeous for gardening!  Shane bought the seeds for our tomato and jalapeno plants yesterday, along with a “mini greenhouse,” which speeds up germination.

We’re also looking at a new kitchen table.  Ours looks a bit crowded in the breakfast nook, which you can sort of see in this picture:

It’s just large enough that we can’t center it under the lights.  So, I found one I really like and Shane actually likes it too!  It usually takes us FOREVER to agree on furniture.  Our current table wasn’t an issue because I bought it when I lived alone in Dallas – life story, we lived apart for a year after college because I didn’t want to move to Beaumont, and that’s what brought us to Charlotte.  Although I bought it with Shane’s tastes in mind!  And while it looked cool against the mirrored walls in my apartment, it’s not so much in the nook here.  Soooo that brings me to the table proposal.  This is on sale at World Market!

Both ends can fold down, we can center it in front of the window and under the lights, and tuck the barstools on the sides.

Another reason we need a smaller table in order to make room in the nook is our PANTRY, dear Lord.   It’s more like a shoebox.  I wish I had a picture.  I’ll take one.  You pretty much have to close your eyes and reach in elbow-deep and blindly grope around (TWSS).   It’s about a foot wide and situated next to the back door across from the laundry room.  Totally awkward and makeshift.  So we’ll get the wardrobe/closet equivalent, whatever that might be.  I was considering some sort of buffet style, but that’s too low to the ground.  It’ll have to be a tower. 

Maybe something like this, and we can stain it to match. 

This one’s nice too:


We’re currently keeping some food in the island cabinets – we need that space though, because we have dishes and pans in the laundry room!  Oy.

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