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Coups ‘n Spring Cleaning

by Christa on March 9, 2010

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What’s a family gotta do to get some more coups up in here?!

Shane and I are huge coupon people.  I mean, why wouldn’t you save money on groceries you’re gonna buy anyways?  Makes sense!

We get The Charlotte Observer every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and go coup-clippin-crazy!

Our local grocery store, Harris Teeter (similar to HEB, for you Texans out there) runs a few different promotions, spread out over the months.  My favorite is triple coups – triple any coupon up to $0.99 face value.  So that means if you have one for $0.75 off, you get $2.25 off!  And if the item only costs $3.00, well sheesh, you just got it for $0.75!  Steal. of. a. deal.

One they’ve run a couple of times lately is what they call Super Double.  Every day is double coups up to $0.99 (awesome) but super double is when you can double coups up to $2.00 face value.  Helloooo?!  I just got a package of razors for $2 the other day. 

They all know my face in there because one of the kids thinks it’s hilarious that I call ‘em coups.  He’s always like, “Hey coup lady, you got your coups today?”  And no doy I do.   Laugh if you want, but I save on average $50 per trip during Super Double.  That adds up!

Also, a bit of spring cleaning is in order.  Shane and I are hosting our 3rd Annual Passover Seder in a few weeks – a big dinner reading the haggadah (story of Passover – ever seen The Ten Commandments?)  We can’t wait to share our favorite (ok ok MY favorite) Jewish holiday with all of our close friends.  It is also Mac’s favorite holiday.  Just in case you were wondering!

Well that means we need to do some serious purging.  I’m currently working on three different piles of stuff – Salvation Army, Yard Sale, and Junior League Wearhouse.  Need to get things in order – I’ve been working on some organizational stuff and will take pics of that shortly.  It’s the little things that count, right?

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Rachel March 14, 2010 at 10:47 am

You should check out To clarify, it won’t give you “useful” coupons – but it does give you a coupon every day for something in your city. It varies from lunches to plays to spas, but I find it a nice way to justify getting more stuff on a pretty meager budget. :)


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