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Ah, the glamorous life!

by Christa on March 14, 2010

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It was quite the whirlwind-wedding-weekend (say that 5 times fast!) the past couple of days.  Shane and I flew to Houston for Lindsay and Ryan’s wedding – pics to come!  We enjoyed a late lunch with sister Aimee and her boyfriend Michael before heading to a Dillard’s clearance store to find a dress for me to wear to the wedding in Conroe (about 20 miles north).  I had convinced myself that what I brought was simply inappropriate (not the case AT ALL) and needed something new (naturally).  Shane even picked it out when we split up in the store!  Yeah, I haven’t heard the end of that one – he keeps telling me what a nice dress it is!  And it is, of course.  I made him take a picture with me while we waited for the shuttle to take us to the rental car pavilion at George Bush Intercontinental:

Doesn’t he look so excited?!

And here is a shot of downtown Houston while we were driving on I-10 on the way back from Cyclone Anaya’s (yummyyyyyy Mexican food!).

Don’t worry, Shane was driving!

We also saw this interesting sign.  I was all, “hmm warning: guy falling on head?!”)  You can tell it’s a crosswalk sign but uh.  Definitely upside down, and nailed that way (TWSS).

Ryan and Lindsay made such a beautiful couple at their wedding (naturally!) and every element of the decor, ceremony, etc. just screamed the two of them – so sentimental and whimsical!

And lucky me, I just knew someone would have already posted a pic of them on fb.  Their first dance!

More to come.  It was our first wedding to attend since our own, and very special since Lindsay has been a dear friend since high school.  And loved getting to dance with Rachel for the first time since high school, too!  Too bad the choreography was “Cupid Shuffle,” hah!

We turned around and came back this morning, but not before getting in breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana this morning – how I miss that place!  Carolina needs one really badly.  They need Taco Cabana, Kolache Factory, Amy’s Ice Cream, Texadelphia, and Chuy’s – at least those.  I think if NC had those I would be ok living here for awhile!  :o

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